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Avery and Jill were on vacation, and they found this hot businessman. They were looking for something exotic, possibly aged, and preferably Italian. Jill took the 1st step and went to met the guy. She approached the guy and invited him to join them. But the guy seemed not interested. He said he has a plain to catch. So she said if you change your mind, we are over there. He said, ok.

They went downstairs and changed their clothes, wore something naughty to seduce him. When he was standing by the room to leave, they approached him and started flirting with him. Avery grabbed him and started to take off his clothes. He never stopped them. Then Avery started sucking his cock, and Jill began to kiss her in the mouth. He was enjoying it and stood still. Next, both of them started sucking his cock. All there went to the room and started giving him blowjob deepthroat. He laid down, and Avery rode his cock. Jill began to rub her pussy while she is moaning loudly. She took off her bra and kept on riding. Next, Jill rode the cock and started bouncing. Avery squeezed her boobs while she was doing so. Next, she flipped over and began moaning louder. Then he fucked Jill on the mouth and pushed the dick on Avery’s pussy sequentially. While one girl was sucking the pussy the guy was drilling it at the same time. All started screaming till the guy reaches the climax. He pushed the cock on both of the girl’s mouths and put the cum all over their faces.