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Blacks On Blondes – Chloe Temple Gets Fucked By BBC


Mazee decides to have his Sportbike detailed since he wants to ride it to a meet-up.
Chloe responds to his call to wash his bike after which she comes to the location.
She says, “Oh, wait, I just realized I don’t want to get the soap all over my cute top,” while they continue to converse, and she takes off the top and asks Mazee to hold it.
Mazee gawks in awe before deciding that her shorts should also be removed in order to prevent them from getting wet. Next, while he observes, she grabs a sponge covered in soap suds and starts washing her tits and ass. She then begs Mazee for assistance.
He starts to rub the sponge over her tits and ass and is shocked by his good fortune.
Then she adds, “I guess I should also clean something else,”
His pants are opened by her as she kneels down and begins blowing him.
This results in wild sex that covers the tires of the car in front of the bike.
She turns around when they finish in the doghouse and smears his hot load all over her face.
When he asks her to wash his bike again, she responds, “Hell no, I fuck hot guys, I don’t wash motorcycles!”