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Athena got an automated voice message: “Jason is on a very tight schedule. You need to do as I say if you want to spend some time with him. The door will be opened for you when you arrive. Don’t be shy. Go in. He is expecting you. There will be two things on the table: 1. a gift pack for you to take home, a small token of our appreciation, and 2—your outfit for the day. From there, go to the bathroom on the 2nd floor—no snooping around on the way. If the measurements you gave are correct, they will fit you perfectly. (She followed and wore the outfit). Once done, go straight to the hot tub in the backyard, where a bottle of champagne is waiting for you. Do not go approach Jason before he approaches you. Thanks for your time, and I appreciate your understanding.”

Jason came to her and thanked her. Then he loses his towel and shows her massive black dick. She starts to suck his dick immediately. First, Jason grabs her bubble butt and squeezes it hard. Then he pumps the dick and sucks his asshole. When he is ready, he penetrates his huge black cock on her pussy from back in the doggy style. Next, she lies down and lets her suck her pussy. Next, he takes her on his lap and fucks her from below. She helps her bouncing her body up and down. Then Jason turns her over and fucks standing on her back. Then he kisses her and fucks again in a missionary position. When he came, he put his cum inside her vagina.