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Black Meat White Feet – Paris White BBC foot fun


One day when Bobby is relaxing in the park, he spots a jogger who is having trouble with her foot.
That white sexbag appears to have injured her foot while running.
Bobby asks her how she is as he approaches.
She explains that the running is killing her foot.
Bobby proposes that she get a deep tissue foot massage because he is a trainer and has some experience with kinesiology.
He even makes a gift-giving offer to her.
Like any self-respecting white girl, she seizes the opportunity to travel home with the new person she met in the park.
She may be seen oohing and ahhing over his massaging technique at his crib. She is “oohing” and “ahhing” over his massage skills as he rubs her foot until it feels wonderful when we return to his crib.
She observes the firmness and swelling in his shorts, which indicates that he enjoys dealing with feet.
She becomes aware that she needs something to suck as well when he begins sucking her toes.
Risks she taking it?
Does she aim for the top?
Exactly, she does.
In no time at all, Paris gets his cock out and in her mouth, where it belongs, after beginning to stroke it with her foot.
Her feet are being fucked by Bobby like a pussy, and he soon takes the pussy.
Paris is having the time of her life, her feet are feeling great, and her pussy is feeling wet.